Welcome. I'm on the faculty at UC Santa Barbara, where I am in the Department of Political Science. My other academic home on campus is the Center for Information Technology and Society. I work a lot with people in the Department of Communication, with which I have a courtesy appointment, and also with faculty affiliated with the Center for Responsible Machine Learning. The overarching theme of my research is how people's behavior is affected by digital media. 


I started out on the academic road with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Stanford and some work in Silicon Valley, a doctorate in political science from MIT, and then a couple of years in Washington, DC at the think tank RAND, where I wrote about education policy and technology policy.  I have been on the faculty at UC Santa Barbara since 1993.  I use a variety of empirical methods to study political behavior in the context of digital media.  

You can find me on LinkedIn, but I use other social media strictly for my personal life and friends. 

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